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CARNEEDS is excited to present the following daily car care tips and money-saving videos. Check back every day for a new tip! Have other questions you'd like answered about your car? Stop by anytime!

Daily Car Care Tips

3 Main Ways of Being Ripped-Off

1) They sell you something you don't need. This is the worst kind of rip-off. This occurs regularly in certain shops.

Protect yourself: Have them show you each needed item before and after repair; get written estimate; get second opinion before; verify repairs after; get old parts.

2) They don't know what they are doing. Many unskilled techs are in the field due to a general shortage of technicians nationwide. You are paying for their incompetence: wasted diagnosis time, mistakes, and parts not needed.

Protect yourself: Select a shop, which is accredited by AAA, ASE and ASA. Also make sure your tech is ASE certified in the specialty he's working in. Just because a tech is certified in one specialty, doesn't mean in all areas. Test their recommendations with a second opinion.

3) They promote a price which isn't realistic. Cheap 4 wheel brake jobs: $99, but really averages $200-$300. Scheduled maintenance, tune-ups, and many other services can also be misleading.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Have an honest shop give you a correct estimate or get ready to open your wallet much wider than you thought!

Get More Miles for your Dollars!

CARNEEDS is excited to partner with the Monday Morning Mechanic to help you save money on your car.

Visit the monday morning mechanic website to watch helpful videos (like this one) and get even more money-saving advice.

David Rogers, the Monday Morning Mechanic, shows some easy ways to improve your gas mileage and get more miles for your dollars!

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